7 Ways to Learn Filmmaking and Get a Film Education

If you have been wanting to learn filmmaking but didn’t know where to start, this article will be of some help to you. While you’ll be no Steven Spielberg after reading this article, you will however receive 7 ways to learn filmmaking and get a film education.Attend a Film College There are a lot of film colleges to choose from and you can learn filmmaking from any one of them. So just apply yourself and get into a good school. However, if film college is too expensive right now don’t worry. There are other ways to get a film education without going to college.There’s No Basic Filmmaking Degree Having said that, don’t expect to enroll in a college and get a “filmmaking degree” that is universally accepted. Every Film College has their own special degree. Some are geared for television, some are geared for movies or short films. Others still do not offer a degree, they simply offer a filmmaking certificate. So know what you are in for before you enroll in a Film University.Learn Filmmaking On Your Own Many of the best directors in the business did not attend film college. Some of the greatest of all time were self taught, and you can be too. There are many film courses and filmmaking courses you can purchase for a small fee. If film school is too expensive, simply buy an online filmmaking course and start there.Make Films on Your Own To be a successful filmmaker, you’ll need to make films. Practice making films every week or every day even. If filmmaking is your passion, then this part will be easy. It’s like a star quarterback practicing throwing the pig skin. It’s just plain fun.Put Together a Demo Reel While you learn filmmaking, keep copies of your best work. Simply put your work on DVDs and save them. You can even store them on your computer’s hard drive. The reason you’ll want to do this is some film companies want to see your demo reel before they even talk to you. If you continue to build your reel while you learn filmmaking, odds are you’ll have hours and hours of footage to share. This will look quite impressive when you’re applying for filmmaking jobs.Become an Independent Filmmaker If you have no interest in working for a major motion picture company, then you can just do it yourself. This way, you’ll have the freedom you want and the money will soon follow.Buy Books and Courses About Filmmaking Become a student of your profession. Continue to further your education and learn filmmaking from the professionals. You can buy books and courses online for next to nothing that will help you further your filmmaking education. You can learn a lot of filmmaking tips that you won’t learn in film school.